Physical and cognitive domination. High physical resistance with high cognitive abilities.

High physical resistance combined with high cognitive skills. These people are characterized by their ability to concentrate long-term and effectively, with full efficiency in terms of challenges and tasks. High physical fitness allows for efficient functioning in the area of ​​acquiring new skills, perceiving opportunities where it is invisible to other people. These people have a high level of abstract thinking.

weak elements:

  • high susceptibility to external comments, both reinforcing and destructive
  • difficulty in building and maintaining long-term, stable relationships
  • these people react in a superficial way, repeatedly using cognitive patterns, which can be a limitation
  • low level of self-reflection can be the reason for inadequate assessment of yourself, your place in the world and the world itself

weak elements:

  • company lability and a sense of stability in employees
  • low level of employee loyalty with the company
  • inability to respond adequately to changing market conditions
  • no effective self-analysis of the boss, company and employees

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Physical and cognitive domination. High physical resistance with high cognitive abilities.
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