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Mrs. Ilona Ciżewska is a high-class specialist. She took me first with respect for the client. She is characterized by high personal culture and professionalism. She is extremely good listener, and she can perfectly feel the moment, when should add something and she does it.
She is active during the meeting, but she does it with a great sense. I value her tips very much. She is concrete and able precisely define the goal, professionally approaches the topic, does not assess or impose. She directs it, asks, summarizes and teaches how to deal with problems alone, outside her office. I followed the instructions of Mrs. Ilona many times before the important meetings and every time I’ve achieved success.
She doesn’t leave the client himself “outside the office”. She is open to every form of contact and remote assistance. Using the techniques and exercises recommended by Mrs. Ilona Cizewska already I feel good, and I know it will be even better.
I heartily recommend her to anyone, who is looking for a good specialist. I’m full of admiration of her full professionalism and commitment. If you are looking for somebody, who can listen, treat with respect, give you a proper support and show the different ways to change the situation, Ms. Ilona Cizewska is the best choice.

Hanna Toeplitz

Mrs. Ilona Ciżewska is competent and professional, very committed to each client, possessing incredible energy and strength. I found her at crossroads of my life and thanks to profiling, I found the beginning of a new path towards myself and my inner happiness and success.
Mrs. Ilona approaches the subject professionally, directs, asks and sums up, she teaches how to deal with problems alone, outside her office. Using the recommended techniques I feel improvement.
From the beginning, I felt that I am in professional hands in such a difficult life moment, profiling has allowed me to regain my strength and faith in a better quality of life.
I am also pleased with the convenience and hourly flexibility in setting up consultations due to my demanding and absorbing work.
I am very happy that I found her office  thanks to the advice of my friend and I am happy to recommend services to those in need.
Thank You so much for your help !

Marta Warzybok

Age 35
Logistic manager at Danpol Sp. Z o.o SKA

At the age of 45, I was feeling unhappy. My material quality of live was not bad, I had well paid job and my fitness was excellent, I had a family but still I felt, that something is missing in my life and I need a change. I knew, I need help, as I didn’t want to spent the rest of my life in such state. I’ve found the profiling sessions, and out of curiosity, I’ve decided to give them a try. When I started meeting Mrs. Ilona Ciżewska I immediately knew, it is the right approach to my problems. I found out, that I don’t know myself very well, I was not aware neither of my needs nor of my life expectations. With support of Mrs. Ilona I discovered the unknown areas, I explored my character, views, emotions, attitude to the different aspects of my life and uncovered, what is important for me and what it’s not. Moreover the regular profiling sessions made it possible to reveal my real personality, what was hidden for so many years due to the different experiences through my lifetime. I became even more self-confident and learned to be assertive and treat myself better. With great support of Mrs. Ilona Cizewska, I completely change my life, however everything what happened was my own conscious decision.
After 1,5 years of intensive work I became a different, more open and happy person. I am very grateful that I met Ilona on my way and she had helped me.
Additionally, what was important for me, was the flexibility of time frame, the acceptance as well as the safe and supportive atmosphere.
I can recommend to contact Mrs. Ilona in case, you search for improving your life quality or searching for “new”.

Magdalena M.

R&D Project coordinator at an international concern