Ebook “Luxurious Life” The Power of Mental and Material Luxury



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eBook “Luxurious Life” The Power of Mental and Material Luxury

” Luxury means TO BE and TO HAVE” –  Ilona Cizewska

“Luxury is a state of cohesion between mind and body. It is a relationship between the mental and material world. It is the art of harmony and peace of mind. It is all about passion and satisfaction in life. It is the capacity to stimulate senses, seek beauty, celebrate regular activities. It is the wealth of the experience. And finally – it is the art of becoming a better and more aware person, every day.” – Ilona Cizewska

Discover how to live luxuriously.

The Author Ilona Ciżewska – a long term psychologist covering high quality of life. An author and die-hard worldwide propagator of the innovative trend called Psychology of Luxury. Profiler of luxury, happiness and life satisfaction.

This e-book gives You the answer how to achieve luxury and feel fulfilled and satisfied person.


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