LuxuryPoverty is a choice

31 January 2019by Ilona Ciżewska0

What’s your definition of “poverty”?

What kind of characteristics do you assign to it? How do you imagine poverty? What do you feel when thinking and talking about poverty or when you’re witnessing it?

Nobody is predestined to be poor or rich. It’s a choice developed in your brain. It’s a decision that’s supposed to change the reality.

Poverty is a state of mind, just like wealth. It’s overlooking possibilities, focusing on negative and undesirable aspects of life constantly. It’s a sustained effort to look for, find, and then hold on to wrong people. Everyday effort that results only in losses. It’s believing that your life is difficult and you don’t deserve a better one.

It’s a concept materialised in the real world but coming from your mind. Choosing how much do we have is as much difficult as choosing what to eat for dinner or which path to take to get to some place.

Every choice has its consequences but it’s important to be aware of them. It’s important to have the courage, embrace them, and live on despite losses you suffer.

I’ve made my choice: luxury, welfare, self-consciousness, and carefulness. The awareness of, desire for, and enjoyment of luxury is what I expect and what I get.


Ilona Ciżewska

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