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23 October 2019by Ilona Ciżewska0

Multidimensionality of luxury

…is a concept that looks at luxury from many perspectives and from the distance.

This is understanding of how luxury affects man and how man affects wealth. It’s two-way communication: individual with luxury and vice versa. It is a demonstration of their mutual dependence, if there is any at all.

The concept of luxury

The concept of luxury- Luxuryprofiling


The concept of luxury is associated with many determinants, such as: power, control, distance. It is expressed by external attributes such as behavior, style and elegance.

Luxury is a distinguishing feature for a human. It is the key according to which he is perceived by himself and by society. It is a kind of measure that determines its value. A symbol assigned strictly to a given individual and means status and position in both – the material and non-material world.

Elegant and well-groomed people are usually assigned such features as gentleness and social appreciation, wealthy people are associated with eloquence and wisdom. These are the determinants of which social group you belong to and what characteristics define you.

The concept of multidimensionality of luxury

The concept of multidimensionality of luxury - Luxuryprofiling


The concept of luxury consists of two parts: the presentation of luxury and the identity of luxury. The first of these is about living in an exclusive way. It is about recognizing phenomena existing in the world and accepting them with distance and calmness.

It’s a reaction to everything that’s going on in an adequate way. Therefore, the individual does not become overly emotional, does not react in a sudden or ill-conceived manner. Analysis is part of everyday functioning.

Reflexivity and the ability to draw conclusions is the quality of life. It allows for psychophysical well-being, which is necessary for the effectiveness of the activities undertaken.

A human emanates to the surroundings

A human emanates to the surroundings -Luxuryprofiling


A human emanates to the surroundings in a natural way possessed by luxury and prosperity, which he uses, provided that the state of ownership is a choice and consistency of thinking and actions taken earlier.

The emotions revealed and perceived by others such as: harmony, distance, noticing the meaning of otherness, manifest themselves in perceiving the meaning and value of seemingly insignificant things.

Using emblems that are the determinants of uniqueness and wealth, we are drawing attention to ourselves. In this way, we give a certain meaning to the world and events, and at the same time we gain control and influence on the perception of ourselves and our environment. We are guides to the world of luxury, if it is a conscious and controlled state for us.

The presentation of luxury

The presentation of luxury - Luxuryprofiling


The presentation of luxury should be consistent with the second concept – luxurious identity. While the presentation of luxury is expressed in the selection and use of luxury goods adequate to the needs, luxurious identity is a determinant of personal attitudes. These two meanings should complement each other, and their consistency determines the uniqueness and exceptionality of the person.

Luxury is also a way of thinking

Luxury is also a way of thinking - Luxuryprofiling


Luxury is also a way of thinking and perceiving the world. It is the ability to hierarchization one’s own goals and not submitting to commonly shared opinions.

The necessary analysis of stimuli is not treated in terms of coercion, but pleasure, and it is part of the process of reaching the state of wealth. It is a manifestation of willingness and ability to present your own opinion.

Means identifying with your own feelings, thoughts and actions. It is about being a person who can recognize and control his/her emotional states.

The experience of luxury is a multidimensional concept

The experience of luxury is a multidimensional concept - Luxuryprofiling

It is located on the levels of psyche and soma. It applies to both external and internal presentation.

The external presentation is expressed on two levels – firstly in the possession of attributes and luxury goods, such as: exclusive clothing, jewelry or real estate, secondly in respect and care for your physicality. Referring to the care for the physicality, the individual appreciates the importance of proper eating habits and physical activity.

It is a continuous learning and experiencing yourself, as well as a desire to again explore the world, in relation to the new values of time and space. It is acknowledging that the world is dynamic and that a human being as a part of it is also a subject to constant change.

And that change is the possibility of a different quality of life and getting what we need and what has a special meaning for us.

The internal presentation, on the other hand, is the level of the mind, which is a reflection of the state of psychophysical balance, sensitivity and mindfulness to the world and yourself.

Luxury, if it is to serve human development and become its stimulant, should take the criteria of balance and coherence into account – which means the elite combination of identity and human behavior.


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